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CIA Pegasus Agent and Assassin Chip Tatum: Vice President George Herbert Walker Bush was on the verge of Murdering Oliver North (a loose cannon)

Chip Tatum: VP GHW Bush was at one point on the verge of Murdering Oliver North (a loose cannon) and U.S. intelligence *did* Murder Swedish Prime Minister Olof Palme (2/28/86) to keep a lid on Iran-Contra

Sounds awful? Remember these are Machiavellian CIA Mafia types and there is no honor among thieves or murderers. People have a hard time accepting such material but this is par for the course for these folks. Note bene: the murder of Olof Palme came within two weeks of the murder of Barry Seal (2/19/86), so desperate measures were being taken to keep Iran-Contra secret in early 1986. Btw, the material in this post is not in books and it is in very few places on the internet; it comes from Jon Gentry's interview of Chip Tatum in 1997. - Robert

From Jon Gentry of Dallas who interviewed Chip Tatum in 1997, that is the “agent” who Jon Gentry is referring to.

Many people have reported on the activities of GHW Bush.  In 1997, I interviewed one of Bush, Sr's top CIA agents who refused an unethical order and went AWOL, subsequently got charged with treason for refusing a direct order from the President.  This guy had been one of Bill Colby's close group and actually retired when Bush became DCI, only to be dragged out of retirement by Bush.  Long story.  Interviewed him in 1997 and again in 1998, both times at the behest of a former head (SAIC) of the Los Angeles FBI.  Real interesting stuff.  But perhaps most interesting is that this agent made statements in the form of predictions, but they weren't predictions, per se.  They were the culled intel from being in over a hundred eyes-only planning sessions with Bush.  Stuff like the plan for a global governance, a New World Order; the bringing down of the American economy and the splitting of the currency into domestic and international, two separate systems to protect against hyper-inflation as the dollar dies in world currencies.  Many other things.  All these "predictions" came from meetings no later than early 1992 when he walked out.  Our current maladies have been in the works that long. 

And I'll throw this in just for Kensley.  This agent participated in the hit on Olof Palme, Prime Minister of Sweden.  The hit was ordered because of an unwise conversation Lt. Col. Oliver North had with Palme in reference to illegal firearms dealing.  "Loose lips sink ships," was one of Bush, Sr's favorite axioms.  In this case a foreign head of state died because of North's "loose lips."  North has no idea how close he came to sharing the same fate.  The agent had orders that if a handkerchief was not dropped after a conference with Gorbanifar, the entire room including North were to be eliminated.  That was after another North gaff.  But Bush's "loose lips" policy extended to those who could give testimony in congressional hearings, also.  I believe an Israeli by the name of Amiram Nir got a subpoena.  The agent I spoke of actually knew Nir, but he was not told whose plane it was he was ordered to bring down.  Nir died in the crash and subsequent fire, another victim to Bush's "loose lips" policy.  I don't know, but I am told that Amiram Nir had about the same public interest in Israel as JFK, Jr. had in America.  Bush, Sr gave the order for Nir's elimination to cover his own trail.  Bush proclaimed, "I was not in the loop," on Iran Contra.  Yeah, right. 

Kensley, how naive do you wish to remain?  Bush headed the CIA before becoming Vice President.  An international child kidnapping-trafficking organization with its hub in Washington, DC was being investigated by Customs, the DC Police and the FBI.  The investigation into this horrific monstrous operation was shut down with notes that it was "a CIA internal matter."  With the current internet snooping I don't recommend checking it out but the org was The Finders.  Yes, it made the papers.  Yes, there are Customs documents pertaining to their interrupted investigation.  Let me assure you, Bush, Sr. IS in the loop.

JON GENTRY 6/8/11 email to Robert Morrow and tlcdallas from

Thanks for the dissertation.  I saved the entire email to a file to study. 

I noted you underlined threaten to murder, talking about Pegasus and Perot.  Tatum did explain that a neutralization was a three-step process.  First would come intimidation-coercion.  If that did not work, or jointly in conjunction would be a compromise phase.  Only if intimidation and compromise failed would the stage three assassination be carried out.  What Tatum was not telling is that by the time he received the tasking, initial stages had already been tried in almost every case.  The Operational Sub-Group which Tatum/Pegasus worked for was the assassination group.  They were the Jackals which John Perkins referred to in his book, "Confessions of an Economic Hit Man."  When Perkins failed, Pegasus got the call. 

An example of the intimidation/coercion/assassination being all wrapped into one was the case of Daniel Ortega.  The US was demanding Ortega hold democratic elections.  Ortega refused until he was contacted and told to put a whole battalion around his nephew Raul (I think I recall) and he would still die on the specified date.  The nephew died and Ortega held democratic elections.  That was a Pegasus operation. 

In the case of Perot, I've talked to some of Perot's people, one bodyguard in particular.  Perot had his own Merc's.  This one stated his opinion that no one would have been able to get by them and get to Perot; that it couldn't happen; which is just ridiculous.  But it presents the state of mind that threats would likely not work to intimidate Perot and his encampment.  I'm guessing Perot had already been contacted in some way previous; that this was no surprise. 


I can't claim to understand Tatum's mind.  But from putting things together he said another possibility also occurs to me.  Within the covert ops community it was well-known that an operative involved in a high profile incident would likely be disappeared afterwards, have an accident.  Tatum was no friend of the Bush crowd.  What do you do when you're expendable?  You receive a high-profile assignment?  Time to resign.  So he makes his resignation count by sending word through a trusted FBI friend to Ross Perot that an assassination would be attempted if Perot did not step down.  Perot was informed at Saddlebrook Academy in Florida.  What more compelling threat could be delivered than having one of the country's top assassins inform you he had just refused the mission, but someone else would be found who would carry it out?  It worked.  Perot stepped out of the race.   

Watch the YouTube interview of Chip Tatum about his orders from GHW Bush to neutralize (murder) Ross Perot in 1991-1992 period:

"CIA +George HW Bush,Gary Hart,H Ross Perot,Blackmail" is name of YouTube Video

Also, this extremely valuable video:  Entitled "Presidential Secrets - Former CIA Black Op Speaks Out with ex-FBI Ted Gunderson


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