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GHW Bush was primed to murder Ross Perot in 1992 because Perot was a threat to have GHW Bush thrown in jail over the drug trade

Chip Tatum's letter to Ross Perot in 1996



Gene Tatum´s warning-letter to
Ross Perot

ApriL 2, 1996
Mr. Ross Perot
12377 Merit Drive, Suite 1700
Dallas, Texas 75251

Dear Mr. Perot:

As you prepare your part for the 1996 election, there is a matter of grave importance of which you should be aware.
In 1992, as the commander of a Black Operations Unit called Pegasus, I was ordered to neutralize you. Our unit was directed by President George Bush. It was determined, at some point, that the party you formed was counter to the American system of democracy. In his attempt to justify your neutralization, Mr. Bush expressed not only his concerns of the existence of your party and the threat which you posed to free America, but also the positions of other U.S. and world leaders.
I had been associated with Pegasus since its creation in 1985. The original mission of our unit was to align world leaders and financiers with the United States. I was personally responsible for the naturalization of one Mossad agent, an army Chief of Staff of a foreign government, a rebel leader and the president of a foreign government. [thought to be Olof Palme.]
However, all of these missions were directed toward enemies of the United States as determined by our President. And because of this, I did not hesitate to successfully neutralize these enemies.
The order to neutralize you, however, went against all that I believed in. It was obvious to me that his order was predicated on a desire to remain as President rather than a matter of enemy alignment. I refused the order. I further advised the President and others that if you or members of your organization or family were threatened or harmed in any way, I would cause information, which includes certain documents, to be disseminated from their six location in various areas of the world, to various media and political destinations. I walked away from Special Operations that day with the knowledge that you don't just quit! I felt, however, that the time capsules protected my interests.
In September of 1994, I received a telephone call demanding the information "or else"! It was obvious from the day that I walked out of Pegasus that to turn this information over would be terminal. In the spring of 1995, I was arrested by the FBI for wire fraud. Although innocent of the allegations, I found it necessary to plead guilty in an attempt to tarnish my credibility. It was my opinion, as I expressed it to Rodriguez when he called and threatened me, that if I were of questionable credibility, the documents, if ever made public, may not stand on their merits.
With this arrest, I seized upon the opportunity to effect this theory. I have since been indicted on a second fraud charge, this time involving my wife. I will not allow this prosecution of my family. I have notified the authorities that I intend to put my case to a jury. While awaiting the trial, I wrote a book involving my first experience in the Special Operations arena. Since then, I have found that the U.S. Marshals have instructed the Hillsborough County jail to hold me, regardless of the outcome of the instant trial charge.
The new charge is treason. For over twenty years I have dedicated my skills, time, and health to my country. I have been shot, tortured, and beaten, fighting to protect our right to form and run our government as determined by the Constitution. I am not aware of an active Pegasus unit. I had assumed it was disbanded with the new President. I am suspect to the existence of some organization, however due to my present situation. Someone had to orchestrate this. So, be aware and alert!
Good luck and good fortune in 1996.

Dois Gene Tatum
1301 N. Morgan St.
Tampa, Florida 33062

 Ross Perot only wanted to beat GHW Bush in the 1992 campaign; Perot was running to sink Bush and not to win
Robert Novak on 1992 interview with Ross Perot:
"I could not vote for Clinton, but this time there was a genuine third party al Dallas on May 6, 1992, to interview Perot, I thought I actually might vote for him. Perot had become the first independent candidate ever to pass the Republican and Democratic candidates in presidential polls...
I found it hard to fall in love with any presidential candidate (even John F. Kennedy and Ronald Reagan, both of whom I liked personally) because, as a reporter, I observed them at close range. The May 6 interview with Perot served that purpose and incidentally guaranteed my eventual, reluctant vote for Bush. I began the Evans & Novak column based on that meeting:
            After concluding a 90-minute interview in his modest 17th-floor North Dallas office, Ross Perot stopped us at the door to confide his dream: a one-on-one debate with President Bush, with no questions from journalists and nobody else interfering.
            But what about the third man in the presidential race, Bill Clinton? Perot sloughed off our question. The putative Democratic nominee just isn't on the mind of the Texas billionaire as he prepares his independent candidacy. He sees the election of Ross Perot vs. George Bush ....
            [H]e makes clear he does not consider Bush much of a president ... Perot told us he believes he is hurting Bush more than Clinton, basing that opinion on polls showing him ahead in three big Sunbelt states dear to Republican hearts: California, Texas and Florida.
            By the same token, Perot traces hostile probing by the news media to inspiration from the Bush camp, not Clinton. Bush "started the character assassination as soon as I got ahead of him in Texas," he told us....
            Perot later got back into the race, without Rollins and without any promises to spend his own money. But the glitter was gone, and his clear purpose now was not to elect himself but to beat George Bush. That was what he always had in mind.
[Robert Novak, "The Prince of Darkness: 50 Years of Reporting in Washington," p. 497-499]

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