Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Oliver North, Operation Orpheus and plans for nuclear war as a diversionary tactic if CIA crimes were exposed

Al Martin on just how far Oliver North was willing to take things: a nuclear “incident” with the USSR to divert attention away from Bush/North/Casey epic criminality!

“The Enterprise,” “The Cause” – had gone so far beyond what it was originally intended to be the diversion of money from an Iranian operation to arm Contras.
            As a cover story underneath, there would be narcotics trafficking, fraud, weapons, things like that to generate a certain number of billions of dollars to replenish the proverbial coffers.
            But in fact, we’ve gone way beyond that, and North was even now talking about this Operation Orpheus – what would happen if everything fell apart and everything was to be revealed.
            What the public reaction would be to the enormity of the fraud, of the narcotics and weapons trafficking so that as George Bush later said the people would have chased everyone in Washington and lynched them all.
            With North being the Chairman of the National Programs Office (NPO) and the NPO building up sizeable assets of its own covertly, North was talking about Operation Orpheus, which included potentially instigating an incident with the Soviet Union to divert U.S. public attention should our involvement be known.
            This was very dangerous in an era of heightened tensions, particularly with North being as powerful as he was.
            Being so far out of the loop, taking naps through meetings, Reagan had no real control at that time.
            North, Casey and George Bush. They were “The Three.” And they were it.
            With god-like powers, they could act with absolute impunity.
            And God knows what these guys would have done to protect themselves because had Iran-Contra become revealed, policies going back decades may have also become revealed in the interlinkages and that would have been one hell of a problem.
            To even start a limited thermonuclear exchange with the Soviet Union, I would not have put that past “The Three,” as they call themselves.
[ Al Martin, "The Conspirators: Secrets of an Iran-Contra Insider," p. 205-206  ]

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